Brian Jenkins

Brian Jenkins

Web Developer

Creating accessible experiences that are usable on any device.

About Me

From an early age I had developed an interest in discovering how information traveled the world in an instant, and became determined to figure out exactly how that was possible. It amazed me that mankind's knowledge was becoming accessible to anyone on the planet, at any time. This convenient and inexpensive technology allowing anyone in the world to share knowledge and communicate had me hooked.

I spent years working as a systems administrator and created streamlined paths to information. I then spent years making that information available to people no matter what device they might be using. I am always thinking of the future and how I can be sure that what I create will adapt accordingly.


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Have a great idea for a project? I'm always up for a challenge, let's bring your ideas to life and make them available to everyone, no matter the device. We'll meld our passions into a cohesive strategy through a proven process that will provide results.

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